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Many thanks to Bart Lagerweij, the terrific individual who developed the BartPE design and opened it up to community members to modify and create new plugins.
AnalogX Cool network utilities for such things as tracert, whois, etc. From ANALOGX at Freeware.
WS_FTP WS_FTP Lite by IPSwitch. It's a freeware FTP utility. You can download the complete installation source from, however included in the archive are the necessary files.
WinFile Windows NT 3.51 File Manager. Old School, but works nicely
Remote Shutdown This is a great little utility for shutting down remote systems. Small and works great Freeware
NetStumbler Locate Wi-Fi Hotspots!
SysInternals Update to the SysInternals utilities as posted by Manfred Meierbier. I have made some updates to the menu as well as adding additional utilities from Sysinternals... Many thanks to Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell. I've been using their products for years!
This Link is a link to the freeware utilities I have included. I may have to pull this file, as I wait from word from Mark Russinovich or Bryce Cogswell as to whether they want me to just link to their files.
burnintest Burn-in Test Software by PassMark. You will need to purchase the software in order to use it.
oscheck OS Check Software by PassMark. You will need to purchase the software in order to use it. Command- Line Device Manager by Microsoft. EditPad. Postcardware which has nice functionality somewhere between Notepad and Word. Windows XP Backup PC Wizard 2004 - Got this file from the Free Files section of one of my favorite sites... Cool BIOS View - Handy utility to read BIOS data out in Windows RockXP - Hey, if you're going to re-load Windows XP and don't want to Activate.... BosonUtils - Found this one while searching for an IP Calculator for a Student. Good stuff.

(Links provided by Svenska)

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